How to Choose Photographs for Your Wedding Album

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One of the things most couples look forward to after their wedding is looking through their wedding images.  It is exciting and emotional to relive the day.  Hopefully you will be pleased with them and they will remind you of what a wonderful wedding you had. 

Perhaps as part of your wedding photography package you will be getting an album or storybook.  Or perhaps people gave you gift vouchers so you could buy an album as part of your wedding present list, or perhaps you have just decided you would like one after seeing all the photographs.  Whatever your reason you are likely to have to chose at least some of the images for your album.    


There are a few photographers who will chose most of the images for your album for you.  They will say that they know what images to best use to make the best story of your day.  Some photographers will let you chose everything yourself and some will suggest that you chose the ones you have to have and let them fill in the gaps with what works best. In the latter two instances you will need to chose perhaps 80 images out of say 600 from the day. Here are some tips to help you get the images you want in your album. 


1.    Divide (not necessarily physically) the images into sections of the day eg getting ready, the ceremony, the group shots, portraits of the bride and groom, reception, speeches, dancing. Based on the number of images in your album you will then know roughly how many images you can have in each section ie 11.  These can change for example you might only want 3 group images and 19 from the reception but it gives you a starting point. 


2.    Look through the images in each section together and chose the images you MUST have - perhaps three from each section.  The ones that you think your album would not be complete without.  For example the best three portraits of the two of you, the group shots you love, the ceremony images that really move you.   Try to agree on the three, if you cant then chose two each.  


3.    At this point you can stop if you want to.  You can tell your photographer that you have your 40 must haves and they can chose the rest.  If they do this then they should let you swap or revise your album once so if you want to swap out Granny on page 6 for a different Granny photo, or swap a portrait of the two of you then you will be able to do so.  If you want to chose them all then read on…


4.    Look at each section again and see what kind of images they are. For example are all of your ceremony photos close up, ie of faces or hands.  Do you have any images of friends and family from the ceremony, or photographs of the whole venue? If not then you might want to include some of those. You might love some images but they are too similar to others to include. See my list below for some more ideas.  Once you have chosen 3 more in each section (or perhaps you don't want any more portraits and have chosen extra reception photos instead) step back. 


5.    Allow at least a day if not a few more before you look at them again.  You might have 10 or 15 you still need to chose.  Look at each section in turn.  Do you have enough getting ready ones, if so move on to the ceremony.  Look at the images you have already chosen.  Are there any left that show a different angle, different people etc.  Skip the reception section.  Once you have gone through all of the other sections you will know how many you will have for people from the reception and you can chose the rest. 


This whole process might take a while - a couple of weeks.  Even photographers take time and make alternations when they design albums for people.  Remember you can always ask your photographer for help.  If you take your time and look at them together you will end up with the images you both really love and the perfect album for you. 


Some images you might want to consider including:


Getting ready

Putting make up on, having your hair done, photographs of bridesmaids getting ready, photographs of the bride with her mother and/or father, the groom pinning on his button hole, the dress/shoes/flowers etc



The bride walking in, the groom waiting and his face when the bride arrives, exchange of rings, readings, first kiss, signing of the register, walking back once married, in the car


Couples portraits and groups - the ones you like the best



Speeches, friends having fun, bride and groom with friends and family, the venue and details of the venue, flowers, chairs, food, cake, the whole venue/gardens etc




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