I am often asked what is the best wedding I have photographed.  I can honestly say they all are. It is easy to get caught up in trying to have the perfect day, with perfect things.  A wedding is two people celebrating their love with those they care about most.  That's what makes a perfect day. 


No fuss, no gimmicks

Just unobtrusive wedding photography, of you at your best.


People all the way  

Of course I like decoration, design and details. I think people come up with some personal and unique ideas. So I will photograph it all for you. 

But no flower photograph, no dress picture or shoe shot will ever compare to the two of you. 

The way you look at each other when saying your vows. Your smiles.  Your togetherness.

The fun and laughter you share with your friends and family. 


I am nice and not too bossy

I am friendly and calm and when I am not taking portraits (if you want them) I stay out of your way.  

I don't tell you what to do or how to act.  I won't be manufacturing your moments. 


Your story  

Weddings aren't just any story.  They are us at our most vulnerable.  I respect that. 


I let you be you 

I want to photograph you being you, so your photos look like you.  

If you are relaxed and informal then be relaxed and informal.  If you are elegant and sophisticated then be elegant and sophisticated.  

Just be yourself and I will be there, in the background, telling your story. 


 My style  

My style is timeless, editorial, photojournalistic, lifestyle.  It's about stories, emotions and connections. 

The result is photographs of you with your family and friends, relaxed and unposed. 


Location, location, location (and a little anticipation) 

Documentary or reportage wedding photography is not just about taking candid shots of people.

It's about being in the right place at the right time.  Anticipating the moment.

As a seasoned photojournalist I will be there, in the right location taking those photographs for you.

As Ansel Adams said "A good photograph is knowing where to stand."


We are all different  

I've been there and seen a lot of different types of weddings.  

Weddings from 20 people to 400.  From 500 pounds to 500 thousand pounds. 

Every one has been perfect.  


If I could turn back time  

I capture memories that will remind you of your wedding day.  Of who was there. The people you love.  

Photographs to move you and take you back in time whenever you look at them. 


12 years and no longer counting

Every couple is different.  Every wedding is unique. 

 Here's where 12 years of experience come in, enabling me to take the best possible photographs for you. 


We don't need no education  

No matter how good we are at our jobs I think we always need to continue to strive to be better.  To continue learning. 

When I am not shooting weddings I am telling other stories that matter to me. 

(Some of my photos can be seen in galleries, magazines and books.) 

Perfecting my skills so I can be the best photographer I can be, for you. 


I get it 

I am married too.  I've been there.  I know what its like and what it all means.  

I know when to step away.  When you need a moment to yourselves. 


I am there for you  

I am always around.  From the start of the process to the very end and every stage in between.  

I am honest, helpful and straight forward and I will be there for you. 


Why choose  

Colour or black and white.  Why choose when you can have both. 


Consistency is important 

So everything is done in house.  The photography, the picture processing, the editing, the album design.  

I take care of it all from top to bottom. 



Get your images within 5 weeks and your album within 3 months.  



From two hours to two days. One photographer or two (even three if you are having a big wedding.) The Cotswolds, London, The UK, in fact anywhere in the world.  (I've organised shoots in Europe, The US and Africa.) 

Prices vary depending on what you are looking for but hopefully this will give you an idea: UK wedding photography starts from £2,300