People are always asking me what my photographic style is for weddings.  I find it very difficult to say definitively but I will try:

Foremost I consider myself to be a “wedding photojournalist” or “documentary or reportage wedding photographer”. I use my skills gained not only through 11 years of photography experience but also through my postgraduate qualification in photojournalism to tell the story of a wedding.  I love capturing real moments and emotion through my images and I like to be as unobtrusive as possible while I work.  

As a photographer I still practice my photojournalism outside of the wedding field.  I always have a personal project I am working on, be that an editorial piece (i.e. a short story or a newspaper or magazine), a book or an exhibition.  These stories require the photographer to use light and the situation to the best advantage and a need to combine those with an ability to anticipate that special moment before it actually arrives so you can be in the right place at the right time to take the best shot.  Sometimes just moving slightly makes the difference between a good image and a great one.  

I also understand the need to have a range of photographs to truly tell a story.  Whilst there are many types of photographic stories most are not complete with just candid shots (i.e. images that just capture the moment).  They generally also need a series of other images to ensure the story is told completely.   For example, they need wide shots of places to set the scene, interior photographs, images of details that make the story more personal and portraits of the people that the story is about, amongst others.  Of course not all reportage stories use all of the above elements but most weddings do need a variety of images to go alongside captured moments to tell the whole story and so the ability to take great photographs of all these elements is essential. 

I also edit my own work and put together book and editorial piece layouts. The skills I use and develop here cross over into my wedding photography.  For example, putting images together to tell a story for a book or an editorial piece definitely helps me to put your wedding photos together in an album or storybook in the best way possible for you.  Its about the order, the way they sit on the page together and the way one image, one page, leads you onto the next, ultimately telling the perfect story. 

So, I realise that whilst my wedding photography definitely follows a documentary or reportage style, it does incorporate the level of quality and technique required for art and editorial photography too.  

Ultimately the images I take of a wedding, of the venue, the details that make it special for you, the portraits of the bride and groom and the reportage shots - I take to make sure I get the best possible photographs so that I can tell your unique story.