I love making great photographs.  It's something I've been passionate about since my grandmother gave me my first camera when I was eight.  I love the fact that we can take photographs everywhere we go, from our street to the other side of the world and that these images can be powerful enough to tell a story to the people who view them.  Since I studied photojournalism 10 years ago (Postgrad at LCP) story telling through photography is the focus of any shoot that I do.

There is always something new to learn in photography, something different to discover and create which is why no matter what is going on in my life I always have at least one personal project on the go alongside my work for other people.  It's what keeps me excited about photography and able to look at each shoot with excitement and a fresh eye.

I was born in Malawi and grew up in the Middle East where the different culture I experienced has definitely influenced my work.  I travel as much as I can both for work and pleasure where my ability to photograph unobtrusively comes in handy.   

Some would say I have an eye for detail (that’s a polite way of putting it!) and whilst that irritates my husband enormously at times it does stand me in good stead when planning and arranging more complicated shoots both here and abroad.  After all whilst I want to be flexible on the job I also want to know I have the right kit with me for any eventuality.

Every time I pick up a camera I realise how extremely fortunate I am that photography is both my passion and my work.